Light and Low Cost Composite Compression C Springs for Vehicle Suspension

Technical Paper 2000-03-06 Max A. Sardou, Patricia Djomseu This paper show some examples of our C springs manufacturing, realization, testing and optimization features. Composite C Springs have been developed by our company Since 1993. We will start our presentation by an analysis of reasons why Composite Compression Springs (patented) perform well compared to leaf springs. Then we will give examples of some development programs we have successfully carried out from study up to vehicle road testing. The C Springs have been tested in static measuring bench, in fatigue and in relaxation machine. C Springs have (and are), also road tested. More than hundred of thousand kilometers have been achieved with success (near exhaust pipe). We will present examples of spring integration giving a dramatic weigh reduction, as well than ride handing improvement. We will also introduce cost notions showings that Composite Compression Springs save money as well as weight on a vehicle.