Ultra Low Noise & High Performances Fans: Modelisation Development & Production

Technical Paper 2000-03-06 Max A. Sardou, Patricia Djomseu Our organization has developed since 1992 a numerical model in order to compute fan performances. As we have observed lack of noise efficient prediction tool, we have aimed to an integrated model, which enable us to fully optimize fans, pressure and noise wise. This paper show some examples of our model optimization features. Our numerical model compute noise versus mass flow as well than pressure versus mass flow. This model is valid as well for axial than for centrifugal for mix flow fans and fans for auto cooled traction motors (clock wise and anti-clock wise rotation). Thank to our model and our expertise, we have developed ultra low noise fans for a lot of applications. Some of them are described in the paper. An important point is that the fans we develop are interesting for energy efficiency; and so, money savings are possible as well in energy consumption than in drive installed power requirement.